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I love the idea of Hux having a cat called Millicent I imagine her to be

I love the idea of Hux having a cat called Millicent I imagine her to be


I love the idea of Hux having a cat called Millicent. I imagine her to be ginger…

Millicent, General Hux's cat. CAN WE PLEASE SEE HER IN THE MOVIES OMG

Hux and Millicent

Hux and Millicent. I didn't really likeHix before but now that I know head a soft spot for this kitty makes me happy ☺️

Millicent :D I dunno who added the cat to this fandom, but I love it xD

Hux and his she cat, Millicent, while encouraging the troops

The whole thing about Hux having a cat called Millicent is so great I love it

The Best FORCE AWAKENS Fan Fiction Yet: General Hux's Pet Cat

Millicent is my favorite Star Wars character.

Kylo Ren and Millicent guest starring Hux and Phasma Star Wars Sith, Star Wars Kylo

Millicent and Hux.

nicca11y: “General Hux and Millicent. Sorry for my bad English :) ” I like warmth ok nothing personal

Kylo Ren, Hux, and Millicent


General Hux and grumpy cat comparisons Star Wars Humor, Grumpy Cat, The Force Is

therealmcgee: Star Wars Regency AU General Hux with bonus Millicent Previously on Regency AU:

General Armitage Brenin Hux and Millicent (and an uninvited Kylo Ren xD) Star Wars

Hux & Millicent


Pizza Hutt, Kylo Ren, General Hux, Millicent, and paperwork... because Kylo stabbed a console AGAIN

Hux and Millicent?

I call it “Yet Another Innocent Mouse Droid Falls Victim to the Mighty Beast Millicent”


... a cat named Millicent. There's something so funny to me about a irredeemable villain having some clueless wide-eyed cat lounging in the background. I ...

... imagine Hux having a mini general hat like his being commissioned for Millicent? How did I not pin this before?

someassemblyisrequired: General Hux aesthetic. This is the first one I've ever made

THEY'VE GOT A CAT. YUSH. Kylo Ren was definitely the one asking Hux if he could keep it. XD

my little sunshine

I like to think Hux found kitten Millicent while he was in the Academy and she grew up with him during his rise to power

Pairing: Armitage Hux x Reader

Kylo Ren and General Armitage Hux in Episode IX

"Buying Japanese shoji doors was not a good idea." If you're going to install shoji doors, make sure you use glass, not paper! Cats love to shred those.

millicent. Star Wars Ships, Last Jedi, Star Wars Clone Wars, Star Wars

darthshizuka: “ I just wanted to draw Hux holding Millicent up (◡‿◡✿) This was my first time drawing a cat lol Whatever, hope you like it!

Neko Atsume Millicent by orlofsky

Hux and Millicent

Hux/Ren || gorgeous! But I always thought kylo would be the uke

by Katie Cook

jeusus: “ Senator Ben Amidala and Emperor Hux, inspired by the stupidly talented and her Senator AU and by the story wrote based on it.

“ I was thinkin about what Domhnall said about Hux being a dirty fighter/biting ears off etc and also this picture and so here we have Academy Hux getting ...

HUX NEEDS MORE LOVE. | basilískos Star Wars Fan Art, Hayden Christensen, Star

Kylo Ren mind-reads Millicent by frecklesordirt ...

Originally posted by super-mary83


General Hux cosplay Star Wars Costumes, Cosplay House, Kylo Ren Cosplay, Amazing Cosplay

Here we have my kitten, Armie, playing to role of Millicent for this picture .

Star Wars || Hux/Ren - love modern AU stuff for them. Zeichnen

Anime/Manga Hux

Hux and Millicent

Kylo Ren and General Hux


I've been on a roller coaster with General Hux since The Force Awakens came out in 2015. I took an immediate dislike to the character: his costume, ...

I imagine General Hux is constantly stressed out.

elithien: “Hux in the Imperial Admiral's uniform requested by juulna and thekarmadash ”

A Lost Cat's Reincarnation, in Masahisa Fukase's “Afterword”:


Armitage Hux, Starkiller Hayden Christensen, Disney Star Wars, Disney Stars, Star Wars

Hux and Kylo from Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

"My girlfriend's cat, Mitch, riding atop his glorious and noble steed." Found on r/aww | The Cuteness. | Pinterest | Cat, Kitty and Animal


Hux is a sad boo, and Millicent comes along to cheer him up. In other words, cuddle time.

Peeves likes deer.

Albanian-American photographer Gjon Mili and his cat Blackie, 1944

movie stars and their cats Kevin Costner.


Cat let me love you Cat hop boy darndy do I love me some naps

Kylo and Hux falling in love in the background got me fucked up

David's cat Merlin was a treat his peopple looked forward to seeing when the khaki wearing staff were allowed to bring pets to visit those they cared for.

A moment from the brilliant fic Ceasefire - by hollycomb I just loved this part. Hux going from a General who had everything he could want, taken to this ...

"general hux"

Star Wars || Hux/Ren. Millicent ships it, apparently. Star Wars

I almost captioned this “Stir-fry the cat,” but that sounds kinda horrible without an explanation!

Poor Hux, there's always something (or someone) trying to ruin his speech .

what Star Wars Humour, The Knight, Reylo, Drawing People, Star Wars Stuff

Wanted to draw a sad page with struck by force-lightning!Hux

[ IMG]

everowlart: “ Since bachure blessed us with this wonderful post i haven't been

Star Wars Love, First Order, Bad Feeling, Star Wars Characters, Last Jedi

emperor hux | Tumblr

huxsmug: “Hux Star wars by IrisGrass ”

dustydrell: General Hux with and without... - Kylo Rey All Day Erry

this is shed cat hes one of my neighbours cats who sits on my shed and gets fed ham as a reward for existing

General Hux Art by Jeusus Tumblr

Unreleased Image Of General Hux From TFA ❤

lucky cats.... having a warm place and being loved for a lifetime

anonymous asked: au where everything is the same except hux is tiny and fits in

Stephen King celebrities-with-cats

I am in Command General Hux of the First Order

i love this ethereal ghost carrot - So yeah, all we could think of during the Rogue One teaser trailer was Hux in this outfit?

Interesting study to just watch his face fall. Hayden Christensen, Star Wars Stuff,

Our leader General Hux Star Wars Art, Star Trek, Star Wars Ships, Space

torture doesn't work on Hux, I'm pretty sure

Evening tea of the supreme leader Snoke