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[BTS meme] BTS Fandom meme : le'jin'dary | oh yes, do it! Lol | Just meme, laugh and don't take it seriously.

Hobi hobi hobi!!!!!!!!!!! okay listen up you nastys J H O P E is a very important member of bts he's all so very sensitive guy when he goes live DO N O T ...

Just take a moment to look at these pictures and gifs. I hope it will make you smile and/or laugh!

Aw look at how bright his smile isssss


Others defended the group, claiming that all seven members were surgery-free. That seems difficult to believe, though possible. But there's no debating the ...

I don't need to understand them to enjoy great music. About Bts,

He look sooo cute when he laugh.

Kim Nam-joon, aka 'Rap Monster' of Kpop group BTS accused of

Is BTS Addicted to Plastic Surgery? We Asked a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Fans think the lyrics to BTS' 'Serendipity' are gender neutral (and they're loving it) | SBS PopAsia

2. Fifty Shades of Kim Taehyung

Might work with me, but only ´cause it's you Yoongi ❤️

BTS EPIPHANY MV REACTION (Jintro theory) | Niki and Sammy

'Before and after' shots of BTS frontman Rap Monster.

BTS Laughing!

literally me right now. I'm literally going no where in life and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail all my classes. but at least bts is here

2. Fifty Shades of Kim Taehyung

Listen I used to be like hardy har what a great joke but literally I use it almost every time I listen to BTS < < < fat mood

When your having a bad day, you can always count on J-Hope to ease your emotions. Just look at this whenever your feelings down.

Yes, I'll tag myself as well. I'm Tristan and Dark Alex

But I mean come on who didn't know this already it's pretty obvious you got your hyper mood 24/7 always singing, dancing AND laughing don't forget that one.

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HOW I MET BTS FOR FREE (w/Footage & Pictures) 💣BANGTAN BOYS ABUSED & ASSULTED ; Butt-Smooth Hands🍑 - YouTube

"Quand ton prof mentionne la Corée du Sud " yeahhhh ! that's literally me=


J Balvin

Look at that toothy smile and tell me you aren't falling in love already.

Defining Features: iconic bunny smile, nose with round slope, young face, toned thighs

Watch Shawn Mendes Give Fans a First Listen of His New Album at Secret Listening Session

Justin Timberlake didn't need 'NSYNC anymore. But would Rap Monster be anything without BTS?

Three Actionable Tips to make this Year of Teaching the Best ever. — This wasn't on the lesson plan

A fan made an epic meme of BTS' Jimin and Nicki Minaj 'feuding' and it is brilliant! | SBS PopAsia

K-Pop idols are popular for their handsome faces, incredible talent, and charm, but they are all still totally different from each other.

BTS (방탄소년단) Save Me [English Cover]


[BANGTAN BOMB] Last day of '봄날(Spring Day)' stage @ Ingigayo - BTS (방탄소년단)

How BTS ARMY Helped Put the K-Pop Band on Top of the World | Billboard Cover Story | Billboard

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Taylor Swift with fan

The Members

Before he decides to do so..^

The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet

The sun care line will initially be available on vt-cosmetics.com starting Friday (June 16th).

... not check out BTS. The first video I saw was fire and well I fell in love with taehyung. These are some actual messages to my friend after hearing fire:

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AA T ¶ ⒞

Jay-Z, Jimmy Kimmel Live

marta 🌙 Always With Jimin @springchimmy

He and rap mon very looked alike in this picture I was like I finally found rap mon look alike after searching 1 year finally ;- ...

Look at him slyly looking at you His laughter makes me happy.

3. V is a Brilliant Actor

He usually looks very tired and very done with the members, but in run bts he is definitely someone full of fun. He is famous for his signature gummy smile.

Pink's 'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken' Is a Timely Rally Cry for Women | Billboard

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Bulletproof [Hangul/Romanization/English] Color & Picture Coded HD - YouTube

jimin's eyes have soft round corners. also, he has very full aegyo-sals (they look like eye bags but aren't) His lips are very equally full like RM's. he ...

I love Kai, Lay, and Chanyeol. I think their songs are amazing. So can you listen and love both? Oh yes, there is no problem in that.

Things that are important to me don't have to be important to you. In the end, listen to both and enjoy both.

-Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

If you had asked me in 2014, who my favorite was, I would've gladly and assuredly told you that it was RM. His dimples (which should probably be illegal) ...

S U G A •. ── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──

They slayed it. Beautiful angelic voices. You also wanna see some of their dance moves? Just take a look at all of their performances. Amazing. Speechless.

When we saw BTS mic drop MV and on same time we suddenly saw Kim Taehyung that cute face shot

Meanwhile, members of BTS are serving as inspiration for a growing number of make-up tutorials and tips. That is, for women, not men.

i don't know about you guys but I found very SinB as J-hope look alike. Like the way she smile and she act and laugh are exactly the same as J-hope and ...

rm has a wide face and his eyes are narrow. He also has a pointed nose rather than a slopes one. His lips are very equally plump. he is known for his ...

If you are a big K-Pop fan, you will surely agree that the K-Pop world is filled with handsome, talented, and unique idols who are incredibly awesome.

6. The Legend of Three Moles in V's Face

I'm not going to even begin talking about the multiple times they've mentioned BTS/Bangtan in their songs, showing us just how proud they are of being a ...

[ENG] 160426 SK BTS - Jimin's Acting - YouTube

[ENG SUB] V filming BTS members sleeping

[BANGTAN BOMB] RM and Jin Dance Stage Behind the scene for BTS DAY PARTY 2016 - BTS (방탄소년단) - YouTube

Cult heroes: Alan Tarney, the greatest British pop producer you've never heard of | Music | The Guardian

Honestly though, you literally have an army ready to defend you so-

8.24.18 :: I am fully aware that summer is still here and that fall is still right around the corner. But, is it really? For me its 'fall season' when the ...

Anthem Lights - Behind the Scenes/Photo Shoot (Justin Bieber Medley)

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Latest Industry: YouTube, BTS, Cardi B, FlipTix, Targetspot, NetGear, Viagogo, More…

8. V is a Very Warm Person Who Loves Children

8. V is a Very Warm Person Who Loves Children

Now, the question is whether American audiences will truly warm to the Bangtan Boys, or if they prefer a more authentic look. Indeed, surging demand for ...

George Best at the beginning of the second half of his career, which took him to Cork City, LA Aztecs, Fulham and Hibs, among others. Photograph: BTS/ ...

How BTS ARMY Helped Put the K-Pop Band on Top of the World | Billboard Cover Story | Billboard

'Better Call Saul' Star on Nacho's Bloody Road to Redemption

17 "Reputation" memes that are making us LOL so hard right now

If there's anything on the nose it's pretty minor. Sometimes we see patients who have beautiful noses but quite literally want very minor work to create a ...