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Seriously for years I39ve pondered the idea of a cutthroat trout tattoo

Seriously for years I39ve pondered the idea of a cutthroat trout tattoo



The perfect Brown Trout Tattoo

Quality colorwork on this cutthroat tattoo

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Brown Trout

Alberta research shows fracking fluids cause 'significant' harm to fish. Trout TattooFish ...

Rainbow Wildlife Art, Trout Fishing Tips, Walleye Fishing, Fishing Quotes, Fishing Books

Having ...

Detail of my Brown Trout tattoo by Ian Flynn

My husband just finished another part of his "saltwater" half sleeve rock fish on

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Trout fishing

Trout, semi-realist style Salmon Tattoo, Koi Fish Tattoo, Trout Tattoo,

I watched a bear swim the river, run up the bank, stop at the guard rail and look both ways before crossing high way 200 on the Blackfoot.

Anyway in a little over a month archery elk and grouse season opens. This summer is flying by.

Bull Trout (McKenzie, OR)

Dave went on a hike. He likes to hike in the woods. He brings home a lot of trophies from his hikes: feathers, craggy pieces of wood, wood ticks, ...

“I started fly fishing at the very young age of 6 years old, my grandfather took the time to walk me to the Laramie River and find a feeding trout, rising.

That road will take you anywhere

Fall Colors (Au Sable, MI) Fall Colors mean something different to everyone. For me, it's brook trout.



The author fooled this trout by repeatedly casting at a school of trout hundreds and hundreds of times until a dumb one finally bit.

Where trout live. Probably the most important aspect of fly fishing for trout is knowing where to target them. You can make a perfect presentation with all ...


Gene Rea, Jeremy Hamilton & Ben Helgeson – 5280 Angler

moving ahead in 2015

This trout took a copper john that was 3 sizes too big for trout in this river. This shows that trout are unpredictable.

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I've been fishing with these sweet ladies from Seattle for 7 or 8 years and there is always something crazy that happens. Well today nothing out of the ...

1. It's all about the cast.

“Why don't we buy a whole one?”


I've since experienced some incredible fishing all around the country, but as touristy as it is, I will always love the drake hatch and those giant flies.

Brian McGeehan – Montana Angler


E' appena uscito su FLYFISHER, Australia New Zeland e Pacific Basin un articolo sulla ...

A ...

This past Sunday we were thrilled to welcome David Shannon to the store for a noon visit.

Geoff'f two at once. A total of 10-04-00 in the net at one time. Apparently the liked one another's company so never struggled at all while they were having ...

It is hard not to fall in love with the place. Hopefully, we can make another trip out that way next year - with the new addition!

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Brook trout #nctatooers #oldlines

... a huge Bull Trout, release the near dead hatchery fish, and now the Eagle? Blog comment: The day wasn't so special for that trout. Talk about a BAD DAY!

Photo: Anadromous and resident O. mykiss. Credit: Morgan Bond.

The Maine Sportsman - March 2017 by The Maine Sportsman - Digital Edition - issuu

Willamette River steelhead

sea run cutthroat oregon fly fishing

... awesome ladies from San Francisco, one who is in the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame: Fanny Krieger. Fanny has been fly fishing the world for over 45 years and ...

A cookie-cutter Firehole fish on a 4 wt can be a lot of fun, and if you're fishing a 3 wt trout stick like Marck's brand new Sage ZXL 376-4, ...

“When I reflect back on my early years or beginning stages of fly fishing a few things do stand out and as a guide I try to convey these tactics daily to my ...


Art & Design's Young Alumni Lecture Series engages students with professionals

leper with trout?

Don't start steelhead fishing boys and girls. You'll find yourself waking

Often, decision makers have questions that can be resolved through science. In such instances, they typically do not want scientists to tell them what ...

The Maine Sportsman - March 2017 by The Maine Sportsman - Digital Edition - issuu

Ho avvertito il nostro presidente e ha aggiunto del materiale per integrare con notizie e suggerimenti l'immenso articolo che ne è venuto fuori.


Anachronism out.

Happy Anglers, Happy Trout, Happy Memorial Weekend!

I'm happy to hang out with my family this rainy Memorial Sunday, have some coffee with a little Baileys, watch some movies, and call it good today!


The ...

Mongolia Taimen



mengardechelucheb n. brown-banded rock cod. mengardechelucheb a ta er a bedengel a ngikel.

I need more quality time with brookies. #flyfishing #oregon #camping #brooktrout


Well fast forward to December 31, 2012. I've been really fortunate to be able to take my family bird and big game hunting for the last 10 years.

Daughters 009

Começo a perceber que a procura destas amostras é cada vez maior, por não ser rara a vez que as encontro esgotadas e ter que esperar cerca de uma semana por ...

Small Male Shad, the females are much bigger

Dave also loves to fish. If you talk to Dave about camping, fishing always comes up. I believe he is unaware that one could camp somewhere and NOT fish.

Once I became a guide and became exposed to lots of great ideas and knowledge, from a lot of great people along the way, I really started to develop skills ...

Baby Rasta Ritmo Urbano

[ IMG]


FC - The bear designs on Fayettechill shirts have been wildly popular the past few years. Although it's not the first bear to ever be on a shirt, ...

Browning Hunting Deer Head Soft TPU Silicon Phone Case for Huawei P8 P9 P10 Lite

The Maine Sportsman - March 2017 by The Maine Sportsman - Digital Edition - issuu

He probably made a card each year, but the only ones I found were from 1982, 1983, 1987, and 1988.

This monster is a hyaena-leopard thing that shows you its own skull before you die. I think that's a pretty effin' cool concept. But I'm not sure the art ...

It was a spring morning earlier this year and I was casting a little Panther Martin spinner with ultralight tackle on an Upstate New York trout stream.

The Maine Sportsman - March 2017 by The Maine Sportsman - Digital Edition - issuu


No, none of them were mine, after taking 2nd place a year ago, I was shut out this year.

Hammer embeded in gravel path

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